about import performance

We're more than just mechanics

Import Performance is a family owned and operated import repair shop specializing in European repair, preventative maintenance and service. Owner Talin Germain, a 19 year European specialty master technician, started this shop in 2008 with a small, but talented staff.

At Import Performance, the focus is on quality, not quantity. Your experience with us should be completely foreign to one you might have at a dealership or chain repair facility:

  • We maintain a small, trustworthy and skilled staff.
    • Small: We keep our team relatively small, so that as owners, we can closely monitor the process of all repairs and maintenance of each vehicle that passes through our bay doors. Talin likes to work closely with technicians as they replace your Mercedes' transmission conductor plate or your MINI's timing chain. This also means that we see less cars than the average dealership each day, so we have more time to interact with you, our clients, face-to-face, up close and personal. It's important that you know us, personally and by name, so that we can form a lasting business relationship based on trust, confidence, and quality car care. Upon check-in, you'll likely meet Talin's wife, Rebecca. She runs the front office, manages the work-flow of the shop, and answers the phone when you call, among many other things. You might also notice Martin, one of our master level technicians, pull your car around to the shop to figure out that pesky BMW or Mini oil leak. You might get a glimpse of Mark, yet another master tech, when he pulls your car around after he's expertly performed yet another oil filter stand gasket replacement. 
    • Trustworthy: We know how important it is to maintain a devoted and trustworthy auto repair facility. When it comes to something as vital as your personal transportation, clients need a shop they can trust. We strive to keep our business practices as transparent as possible: We want you to understand your car and the repairs and services it needs to run at an optimal level. We will take the time to personally explain the details of all recommended repairs and services to you in laymen's terms and help you prioritize repairs so that you can budget accordingly. If you have a question, please ask. We are happy to help. 
    • Skilled: It is our shop policy that all full-service technicians must have at least 3 years European specific experience. A degree from an automotive training school is not sufficient. Technicians must have years of working specialty knowledge to touch one of our client's cars. European cars are different. They require expensive specialty computer diagnostic equipment. If you take your European car to a chain repair facility or non-specialty shop, you'll quickly find not all mechanics/shops are created equal.

Now. What EXACTLY can we do for you and your car? Almost everything. This is a one stop shop. To start, we offer Euro-spec, fully synthetic, 5w30 oil changes, (MOTUL 8100 XCESS for Porsches), tire replacements, a full range of BG products and services, and a spectacular list of routine maintenance services. But we are so much more than routine car care. 

This is the big leagues - we do the complicated stuff. The stuff no one wants to get involved with. We regularly and successfully diagnose and repair Audi oil consumption issues, replace BMW oil filter stand gaskets, perform software updates for Jag, VW, Audi, Mercedes, BMW and Mini. We do Mercedes transmission repair and replacement. We handle everything Porsche: intermediate shaft (IMS) bearings, suspension issues, oil leak repair, engine replacement, clutch replacement (including upgrades), track inspections, software updates and programming. We do all mechanical repair regarding convertible tops - meaning, we aren't seamstresses, so we can't sew up a ripped top, but if it won't go up or down - we've got you.

Our specialty - our absolutely pride and joy - is our ability to diagnose just about every problem under the sun. Take a look at our google reviews and see for yourself. We have a reputation for pinpointing the problem when no one else could, including the dealership. It may take time and patience in an age when people want instant gratification and the solution at the click of a button, but we're still old school in that way: We don't mind combining our forces and hunkering down in order to figure out an automotive mystery. 

We hope you'll give us a chance  to impress you!