BG Fully Synthetic Automatic Transmission Flush

Import Performance Wilmington NC

BG Transmission Service

There is a major difference between a transmission fluid change (drain and fill) and a BG Transmission Flush Service.  The transmission fluid pan typically only holds a few quarts of transmission fluid.  The average transmission holds about 8-10 quarts of fluid.  When you drain the pan and refill it you only change out a few quarts.  

With the BG Transmission Flush Service offered at Import Performance your transmission is hooked up to our BG Flush Machine through the transmission cooler lines.  The vehicle is ran to operating temperature and a chemical cleaning agent is injected into the system to break up deposits and suspend them in the fluid to be flushed out with the old fluid.  As the transmission fluid is pumped through the transmission cooler lines it enters the flush machine.  The flush machine then pumps new fluid back into the transmission effectively changing or “flushing” 100 percent of the fluid and debris in the system.  This service not only prolongs the life of your vehicles transmission but also will help restore shift quality and driving comfort in your vehicle.  

When was the last time that your transmission was serviced?  Did you know that it should be done every 30,000 miles?  Over time you fluid will break down and accumulate deposits that can be circulated through tiny passages that will eventually cause big problems.  Don’t wait until you need a new transmission.  Come see us today to return your vehicle to great operating condition.  Fresh fluid and conditioner will help prevent slipping, hard shifting, and chattering.  Keep your car operating like new for years to come.

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