New shop equipment. John Beam T7100S tire changer and John Beam B2000P 5 imaging camera wheel analyz

Import Performance Wilmington NC

We are proud to announce that we have invested in top of the line tire and wheel equipment.  

Our new table-less John Beam T7100S tire changer will ensure damage free installations on all wheels. With a traditional tire changer the wheel is clamped with jaws to the rotating table.  This contact with the rims edge can scratch and gouge the rim leading to costly repairs or replacement.  With our new center mount machine the wheel is attached through the center hole eliminating the possibility of damage.  


Our new John Beam B2000P  wheel and rim analyzer balancer will ensure a perfect balance every time.  With 5 laser imaging cameras it runs a complete analysis of every wheel and tire to alert us to any problems with runout of the wheel or tire, tread wear and damage.  This ensures consistent results across all road speeds.  Follow the link to view a short video on the features and benefits of this high tech wheel service.

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