Staff Shortages and Lead Times

Import Performance Wilmington NC

Just as many small businesses around the country are suffering from staff shortages, so are we, unfortunately. Because of this, we have to manage the schedule very carefully to make sure we see each customer on their promised appointment and deliver their vehicle on the specified finish date. We simply cannot accommodate walk-ins at this time if we want to honor the commitments we’ve made to previously scheduled customers. We encourage everyone to think ahead and schedule maintenance or repairs well in advance of the holidays or future road trips. To complicate matters further, parts availability is touch and go: Shipping times have lengthened, manufacturing has slowed, and many parts vendors are experiencing the same staffing issues we are. We ask for your patience and consideration during these challenging times. It is so helpful to us if you are able to drop your vehicle off for repairs as opposed to waiting so we can keep the schedule flowing as we scramble parts and lifts. Due to staff shortages, we are also not offering courtesy drives at this time, but look forward to a time when we can revive that service. We thank you for your understanding!

In the meantime, encourage your new grads to branch out and try something new! Mechanics are a dying breed. The industry desperately needs skilled tradesmen who are also computer savvy and highly motivated. There are some decent tech schools out there or you can learn the old-fashioned way through apprenticeship, just like Talin did many years ago! As the years pass, cars become more and more complicated and dynamic. The industry is hungry for tech-savvy, ambitious, responsible, detail-oriented technicians.

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