We now have TWO loaner cars!

Import Performance Wilmington NC

We know that having your car repaired can sometimes be a major inconvenience. How will you get the kids to school or drive to work or get to the grocery while your vehicle is getting repaired? While we have always offered courtesy drives to work or school when you drop off your vehicle repair, now we can offer the added convenience of two loaner vehicles. 

2007 BMW 530I














1997 Mercedes-Benz














Loaner vehicles must be reserved in advance as they stay very, very busy. If you foresee needing one, please call to schedule your appointment as soon as possible and indicate to the service writer that you will need a loaner vehicle the day of your service. This ensures that we will have the vehicle ready and waiting for you!

There is no charge to use the loaner vehicle, but we do require that each customer replace the gas they use before returning it with premium fuel. As both our loaner vehicles are European cars, they are very sensitive to fuel type, so we kindly ask that you pay careful attention to this. We also kindly ask that you remove all trash and personal items from the vehicle prior to drop off.

Additionally, we try very hard to keep these vehicles in good mechanical condition. However, like any vehicle, they will occasionally need maintenance and repair. Please notify us if you notice any unusual lights illuminated on the dash, hear any unusual sounds, smell any unusual smells or have any other mechanical problems while operating the vehicle. This makes it possible for us to address issues immediately and make sure they get the repairs they need so they are in good driving condition the next time you might need to use one. Thank you for choosing Import Performance!

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