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Air Conditioning Systems 101

It’s A/C weather! If you’ve noticed the performance of your air conditioner declining, here’s air conditioning systems 101: 1.The first thing we do to diagnose a weak air conditioner complaint is to perform an A/C Service. This accomplishes two things: 1. It recharges your system, which

Meet Cosmo!

Meet Cosmo, Import Performance’s shop greeter!

Sharpening Our Focus

Lead times have gotten a little shorter, despite staff shortages, but part of that is due to a decision to sharpen our focus to working on primarily European cars. As cars evolve, shops must grow with them and that means buying new equipment and keeping up

Staff Shortages and Lead Times

Just as many small businesses around the country are suffering from staff shortages, so are we, unfortunately. Because of this, we have to manage the schedule very carefully to make sure we see each customer on their promised appointment and deliver their vehicle on the specified

NEW Shop Hours!

Good Monday morning to you! In an effort to find a little “work-life balance,” Import Performance’s hours of operation will change as of Monday, May 6th. We’ll be closing a bit earlier than we have in the past. Our new hours of operation will be: Monday –

COVID 19 Updates for Import Performance

Dear valued customers, We wanted to reach out and express our deepest gratitude for your continued support throughout the past 11 years and now, as we all face this time of uncertainty with COVID-19. Our intention and hope, is to continue to operate through this challenging

Attention Local Porsche Drivers!

One of our lovely customers dropped in and gave us this flyer and we thought we’d pass the word along. We service quite a bit of Porsches in the area and we love our European sports car enthusiasts. This Porsche group meets every third Saturday at

BG Fully Synthetic Automatic Transmission Flush

BG Transmission Service There is a major difference between a transmission fluid change (drain and fill) and a BG Transmission Flush Service.  The transmission fluid pan typically only holds a few quarts of transmission fluid.  The average transmission holds about 8-10 quarts of fluid.  When you

Mercedes Balance Shaft Gear Failure and Repair on V-6 M272 and V-8 M273 Engines

Some Mercedes V-6 and V-8 M272 / M273 engines are prone to a failure of the balance shaft sprocket or idler gear sprocket.  What happens is the timing chain wears the softer metal on the sprocket down and in turn slack is developed in the chain.